PowerScript Settings

The PowerScript Settings page provides the ability to administrate the usage of our PowerScripts from the UI.

About The PowerScript Settings page

The PowerScript Settings page features multiple tabs that allow the user to made, edit, and administrate all things PowerScripts.

Since the ability to perform these actions is very powerful, the ability to access this page is locked behind the Access level of "PowerScripts Manager". As this Access level is very powerful, it is recommended that only the most high up of Admins.

More granulated control of PowerScript access is possible by using the Role Management tab. The Roles can be created and assigned specific Scripts, then from the Users tab on the Application Settings page, the Roles can be assigned to individual Users, or Groups.

The page has three tabs:

  • Role Management
  • Audit Log
  • Scripts Management

Role Management has the ability to assign certain Scripts to defined roles. 

Audit Log is a list of all Scripts that have run, and shows who ran them. 

Scripts Management has the ability to add/edit/delete PowerScripts.