The Configurator Bar contains all the pages needed to get VitalSigns to monitor all the intended servers correctly. Also, there is options for Alerts, and a link to this very User Guide!

About the Configurator Bar

The Configurator Bar is the 5th in 5 separate categories in the Side Bar Navigation Pane. The pages that can be accessed from this category are the following:

  • Alert Settings
  • Application Settings
  • IBM Domino Settings
  • Import Servers
  • Log Files
  • Mobile Devices
  • Node Health / HA Monitoring
  • Server List
  • Server Settings Editor
  • Documentation

Alert Settings: This page facilitates the setup of email alerts of issues from VitalSigns.

Application Settings: This page is where the basic settings of VitalSigns are recorded, such as Liscense Key, Server Credentials, and Business Hours.

IBM Domino Settings: This page allows the manipulation of settings unique to IBM Domino servers.

Import Servers: This page allows the user to import IBM Domino or IBM WebSphere servers for use with VitalSigns.

Log Files: This page stores the VitalSigns log files, where VitalSigns records every action it takes.

Mobile Devices: This page provides administrator level tools to control mobile device usage with your servers.

Node Health / HA Monitoring: This page allows the user to configure VitalSigns as a HA (High Availability) environment by separating VitalSigns tasks to different machines.

Server List: This page resembles the Server List Page in the Servers Bar, but this page gives the ability to change configuration settings per server.

When the user clicks on the Configurator button, VitalSigns will navigate to the Server List page by default.

Server Settings Editor: This page gives a higher-level version of the Server List page, where multiple servers and devices can have their settings changed at once.

Documentation: This page is a link to this very VitalSigns User Guide that you are reading right now!