IBM SameTime Health

The IBM SameTime Health page describes the overall status of SameTime within VitalSigns.

About The IBM SameTime Health page

The IBM SameTime Health page contains several graphics that describe the current status of the currently configured SameTime servers within the VitalSigns environment.

The page features multiple tabs:

  • Overall
  • Chats
  • Health Assessment

The Overall Tab contains graphics on the following:

  • Response Time
  • Daily User Logins
  • Hourly Up Percent

Response Time is is milliseconds. Daily User Logins is the total amount of logins per day. Hourly Up Percent is a line graph describing the availability of Same Time throughout the day.

The Chats Tab contains graphics on the following:

  • Total 2-way Chat Messages
  • Total N-way Chat Messages
  • Peak 2-way Chat Messages
  • Peak N-way Chat Messages

The Health Assessment Tab contains a single graphic that describes the current health of the SameTime Servers.