IBM Connections Health

The IBM Connections Health page is a overview page on the health of the currently monitored Connections servers within the VitalSigns environment.

About the IBM Connections Health page

The IBM Connections Health page features several statistics about the Connections environment that VitalSigns monitors.

The page features several tabs:

  • Overview
  • Communities
  • Community Detail
  • Profiles
  • Activities
  • Blogs
  • Bookmarks
  • Files
  • Forums
  • Wikis
  • Libraries
  • Health Assessment

Overview features statistics about the Response Time, Daily Activities, Tags, and the Hourly Up percentage. 

Communities contains statistics on the amount of communities by type, the Top 5 communities, a breakdown on the most active community, and a list of users by community.

Community Detail features a grid of all Communities.

Profiles has graphics on the distribution of Profiles with a Manager v No Manager, Picture v No Picture, and Job Hierarchy v No Job Hierarchy.

Activities contains statistics about Activities, and the Top 5 Communities.

Blog features graphics about the amount of Blogs, and the Top Communities for Blogs

Bookmarks shows statistics on the amount of Bookmarks, and the Top communities for Bookmarks

Files has statistics on the amount of Files.

Forums features a statistic with the amount of Forums.

Wikis shows statistics about the amount of Wikis and the Top communities for Wikis.

Libraries has statistics on the amount of Libraries.

Health Assessment is an overview on he current Health of the Connections environment.