Server List

The Server List is one of the more important pages in VitalSigns. It displays all of the Configured servers of all types.

About the Server List page

The Server List is a full list that includes all of the currently configured servers of all types in the VitalSigns environment. 

The List can be filtered by use of these fields:

  • Type
  • Status
  • Location
  • Name

Type is the defined type of a Server, for example Domino. 

Status is the current status of the Server, for example OK or Issue. 

Location is where the Server is defined to be located. 

Name is to search by the name of the Server.

Each Server has a multitude of tabs that are specific to the type of the Server. For Example, the Domino Type of Server has the following tabs:

  • Overall
  • Health Assessment
  • Mail
  • Database
  • Tasks
  • Cluster Health
  • Maintenance
  • Events
  • Outages

Another Server type like WebSphere only has 2 tabs:

  • Overall
  • Events