Microsoft Database Availability Group (DAG) Health

The Microsoft Database Availability Group (DAG) Health page displays the current status of all DAGs in the VitalSigns Environment.

About the Database Availability Group (DAG) page

On the DAG page, you will be able to select any of the configured DAG's and observe all of their information in the lower pane.

These Tabs include:

  • Activation Preferences
  • Members
  • Databases
  • Database Status

Activation Preferences: This list shows the name of each Database, and their corresponding primary and secondary Activation Preferences.

Members: This tab will show all of the current members of a DAG, and their individual statuses.

Databases: This list shows all of the Databases that are included in the DAG, and in-depth information about each one.

Database Status: This list shows the status of every Database in the DAG.