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The Financial Overview is where the financial related information/data about your environment is displayed. The Financial Overview features several informative graphs detailing the costs of the servers VitalSigns is tracking. This information is very useful for both administrators and managers looking to identify ways to cut costs.

About the Financial Overview Page

The VitalSigns Financial Overview gives a quick cross-section into the projected costs of your monitored servers.

From this page you will be able to determine your:

  • Monthly Expenditure by Server Type
  • Monthly Expenditure by Servers location.
  • Monthly Expenditure by a defined Catergory.
  • Most Utilized Server (User Count / Expected User Count).
  • Least Utilized Server (User Count / Expected User Count).
  • Cost per User Served (Server Cost / User Count).

You will also be able to navigate to:

The graphs on this page can be hovered over for more specific information.